Boat Tours in Rio de Janeiro

Looking for one of the most memorable boat tours in Rio de Janeiro? 

At Sail in Rio, we are passionate about sailing!

Let us show you Rio from a different perspective!

We are passionate about sailing!

Let us show you Rio from a different perspective!

What we do


We are passionate about sailing and love having people join our sailing experiences!

Rio de Janeiro offers unparalleled conditions for nautical tourism! Astonishing sights from the water. Average two-thirds of sunny days every year, mild temperatures and overall excellent wind conditions.  

The beauty of the landscape is a constant, with its towering cliffs, sand beaches, providing excellent settings for all water sports.

We are certain you too will be delighted!


The Experiences

Open and Private Groups

Whether you are starting, or a seasoned sailor or you're just looking for a relaxed time under sail, come join our 3-hour experiences.

We sail every day, weather conditions permitting. Late mornings and mid-afternoons. 

We sail in-bay towards Rio's sister city of Niteroi, the harbor and historic sites of Rio. Conditions permitting, we will also visit open ocean waters and nearby beaches.​


Private Groups Only

Our marvelous boat tour in Rio de Janeiro is sought after by sailing enthusiasts or private groups looking for an extended stay on the water​. Here, you can plan celebrations and special meals for your onboard adventure. 

Conditions permitting, it may include a visit to the outer islands at the Cagarras Archipelago, two miles from the coast.

The archipelago is home to seabirds such as the frigates and atobás. It may occasionally be visited by dolphins and whales, the second half of the year.



The Sailboat

Sail in Rio's "Kamehameha" is a 39.5-foot cruising/ racing sailboat designed by German Frers and constructed by Fast Yachts. The sailboat is well known for her strength and seaworthiness. She is a blue water vessel equipped for coastal trips and fitted out with two cabins, two heads (bathrooms), a kitchen and a large saloon (living room).

The team


Cassio Gurjão

Captain and Owner

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1956, Captain Gurjão is a sportsman who has enjoyed ocean-related activities since very young.

His career as a financial executive in the corporate world evolved parallel to his passion for the seas and sailing and financed the acquisition of Kamehameha in January 2008. Sail in Rio was founded as a consequence of this passion and of the increasing interest in sailing in Rio de Janeiro. 


Licensed Captain by the Brazilian Navy, Captain Gurjão accumulates significant sailing mileage from his trips north and south of the Brazilian coast.

Daniel Gurjão

Skipper/ First Mate

Daniel Gurjão is our first mate and bowman. Also licensed by the Brazilian Navy, he is an experienced skipper who has accumulated substantial sailing mileage over the years. In 2016 alone, he added 7,000 miles from his Atlantic Ocean crossings from Rio to St. Maarten, in the Caribbean, and Lisbon.


Graduated in Communications, he is also a professional photographer, expert surfer, and excellent barman.

Check his photo art on his Instagram page.

Still in doubt?


Contact Us

To learn more about our boat tours in Rio de Janeiro, email us at info@sailinrio.comcall us 55 (21) 9 9998-3709, or fill out the contact form below today! 

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