3-Hour Sailing Experience

If you’re looking for an excellent tour of Rio de Janeiro, you need to experience it firsthand with Sail in Rio. We offer three-hour sail tours in Rio for both private and non-private groups. Sail in Rio has been around since 2012. Plus, our experienced sailboat captain, Cpt. Gurjão was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and has been sailing since he was a young adult. So, you can rest assured your experience will be nothing short of excellent. 


The Sailing Vessel

We offer both late morning and mid-afternoon tours. Our team is ready to sail in-bay or the open seas every day unless we experience in-climate weather. Our spectacular thirty-nine and a half foot sailboat, Kamehameha, is strong, sturdy, and built with a sleek design capable of comfortably sailing the ocean waves. Our sailboat offers two spacious cabins, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a large lounge area. Take in the beautiful scenery of Rio de Janeiro from our elegantly crafted vessel. Lay back, relax, and enjoy your time on our three-hour sail tour of Rio de Janeiro.

Features of the Three-Hour Sail

Included with our three-hour package tour, we sail near Niteroi, which is Rio’s sister city. We also journey through the astonishing harbor, nearby beaches, and of course across the vast ocean waters, if conditions permit. This is an excellent tour for beginners and experienced sailors alike. This package is perfect for large groups and private events as well. Sip on a cocktail and breathe in the fresh ocean air aboard our magnificent voyage through Rio de Janeiro.

About our Team

While both the captain and his first mate carry decades of experience with sailing, they are both also licensed by the Brazilian Navy. They both have collected substantial sailing mileage from there extensive coast sailing experiences. From trips to the northern and southern regions of the Brazilian coast to sailing the waters across the Atlantic, the crew at Sail in Rio will give you the experience of a lifetime.  

Book your three-hour sail tour of Rio de Janeiro with Sail in Rio. Contact us to discover more about our sailing packages. Email us at info@sailinrio.com or call us now at +5521 99998-3709

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