5-Hour Sailing Experience

Are you ready to adventure on one of the most exciting sailing experiences of a lifetime? Come and enjoy our five-hour Sail in Rio package aboard our luxurious thirty-nine and a half foot boat. Our magnificent sailboat can comfortably accommodate large groups with ease. Equipped with a kitchenette, our amazing water vessel also has two bathrooms, two cabins, and a very spacious living room perfect for kicking back and relaxing. Our phenomenal boat also has a large deck intended for handling long coastal sailing trips for large groups. 


Five-Hour Sail Package

Our exclusive five-hour Sail in Rio package is unlike any other sailing trip you’ll ever encounter. Designed in mind for those who love to sail themselves, this tour is exclusively designed for private groups. During this amazing private tour of the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro, prepare to embark on a journey to the outer islands just a few miles off the coast. While all sailing trips are dependent on weather conditions, you can expect to live an incredible adventure and see amazing views. Should you join this tour during the latter half of the year, you may even see dolphins or whales during your sailing experience.

The Amazing Captain & Crew

Two veteran sailors pilot this extravagant ship. Captain Cassio Gurjão has been sailing the seas since he was a young adult. The captain and owner of Sail in Rio, he founded this amazing adventure success in 2012 and has been serving the best sail tour Rio has to offer ever since. His first mate, Daniel Gurjão, carries experience matching that of his own—he has thousands of miles of sailing experience under his belt. From traveling across the Atlantic to sailing through the Caribbean, Daniel has ventured several portions of the sea. Plus, both of them are licensed Brazilian Navy sailors. 

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